Specialised AI assistants for expert teams

Deploy powerful internal-customer support assistants with secure, steerable, and specialised AI built for expert tasks


Purpose built AI for expert use cases

Instead of general purpose tools that are inaccurate and hallucinate, solve complex use cases at scale with the most advanced AI pipelines for expert functions like HR, finance, and legal.

Proprietary modules

Over 30 proprietary modules, trained on hundreds of thousands of queries.

Prevent hallucination

Advanced programmatic hallucination detection and automatic removal of hallucinated content.

Steerable, Auditable AI

Enforce quality with fine-tuning engine, source guardrails, tone modification, and more.

Integration suite & API

Okta, MS Teams, Chrome, Edge, and Slack as standard. Custom integrations on request.

Backed by


Astonish the teams you serve by providing answers, guidance, and reviews on demand


Respond to common enterprise queries

Upload your knowledge, policies, FAQs, etc. and our AI assistants will answer questions for your entire organisation.


Review documents against guidelines and principles

Review, redline, and comment upon PDFs and docx documents, and even draft an email response to the counterparty.


Set actions for scenarios that usually need expertise

Our AI assistants can guide users on the best action for a given scenario (such as in a negotiation process) and even execute.

Deploy directly into your tech stack


Our customers have deployed AI assistants to thousands of users across their organisations

"We've transformed our internal support into an intuitive, on-demand service. It's not just innovation, it's a comprehensive enhancement of efficiency and understanding, fostering a more informed, efficient workplace."

Andrew Cooke

General Counsel, TravelPerk

"The speed at which this solution went from 0 to 100 was unbelievable [...] It made it seamless for sales, procurement, and buyers to obtain answers in five different languages without involving an expert"

Zeno Capucci

General Counsel, DocPlanner


We take security seriously.
Your data is safe with us.

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